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     Rockwall Sewing School is celebrating its 7th year in Rockwall!

 Kathlene Backer (Above) is the owner of Rockwall Sewing School.  She has over 30 years of sewing and teaching experience.  Her desire is to teach and inspire you to sew and use your creativity.

     For adults, sewing can be a wonderful way to express yourself by making clothes, something for your home, or a gift for someone to show how much you love them.  Sewing is also a great way to build your self-confidence and it can be a great hobby, or the beginning of a new business or career!  Your family will also appreciate how great it is that you can sew!

     Now, for the children.  Sewing is a valuable skill that has been neglected to be taught to the young generation of today.  Many parents may not have the sewing skills or the time to teach their children.  So, we may have two generations that have not been given the opportunity to learn the valuable skill of sewing!  Even in many of our public schools today, sewing is not taught, whereas it use to be a required class.  Sewing is great fun for children!   Not only is a child's creativity inspired, but each time they complete a sewing project, they build their confidence and increase their self-esteem.  Children are eager to learn how to sew!  They just need a sewing program designed specifically for them! 
      We teach the children using a wonderful sewing curriculum called "Kids Can Sew and Fashion Design", developed with "kid friendly" patterns.  Since 1983, over one million children have been successfully taught how to sew using this program!  It is a complete learn to sew curriculum.  At Rockwall Sewing School, the sewing projects are simple and easy to understand, yet they are educational and fun!  The curriculum will inspire creativity and encourage each child to develop their sewing talents. Learning to sew will be one of the most rewarding and satisfying experiences your child will have! 

    Rockwall Sewing School has four beautiful classrooms and a comfortable lobby for parents.  We are fully equipped with sewing machines, sergers, cutting tables, and all the tools you will need for sewing and cutting during your classes. Students will need to purchase their own fabric, thread, notions, and patterns, as needed. The sewing machines in class are computerized and very user friendly! They also have speed control, which is a very nice feature, especially for beginners and children.  You may contact Rockwall Sewing School to register for classes.   Please see About Classes for registration information and the Class Schedule for the day and time you would like to schedule your classes.  You are welcome to join classes at anytime during the year 

      Sewing is an excellent skill to learn.  It is a skill that will last a lifetime!  However, a skill is not learned in one day.  Just as with any other skill, such as piano, dance, or sports, sewing is a skill that must be practiced and the techniques must be built upon over a period of time.  At Rockwall Sewing School, children and adults have fun mastering each technique as they make their projects.  At Rockwall Sewing School, you will learn to sew hands-on at your own pace. You will have fun in a relaxed atmosphere!

     Whether you are looking for something fun to do, or if you have a desire to begin exploring a possible future career in the sewing or fashion industry, it only takes one step in the right direction.

                                  Enroll today in Rockwall Sewing School!

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